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Warwick Overview & Goals

Warwick was officially established in Iowa, January 11, 2005  & interest is steadily growing on a daily basis, now over 30 members strong in Des Moines, Iowa.

Warwick is a No-for-Profit Educational Living History group specializing in historical un-choreographed Live steel fighting.

It is a goal of Warwick to develop a strong community of Archers, Artisans, Combatants, and Historical Performers for further education in Worldly Culture. Warwick enables its members to make history a valuable part of the lives of spectators & participants of the general public attending Warwick shows.


Some of the goals of Warwick include but not limited to:

♦  Raise donations to purchase a mid - large sized truck to transport encampment materials for all of the members of Warwick who do not have the means to do so themselves.

♦  Do more community events.

♦  Build a Demo tent for those nasty days.

♦  Become and maintain 100 members strong by summers end of 2006.

♦  Become participants in Renaissance Faires in the surrounding States of Iowa & maybe some even further away in 2007 & beyond.

♦  Finish tents and make more tents.

♦  Build Thrones.

♦  Build canvas shade covers for crown, nobles, & crowd.

♦  Build chest for dishes, food, & other gear.

♦  Make more flags & banners.

♦  Learn and perform period dance for the public

♦  Develop skits & short plays that are either humorous or educational to entertain and/or inform the public about various historic events or activities.

♦  Kitchen tent & changing tents for the encampment to use for all members.

♦  Develop a working encampment. IE, working projects such as cooking, chain mail, sewing, ect... Other projects and activities that an actual historic encampment would be doing while camping.

♦  Puppets - Make period puppets (hand and/or stick puppets) and an easy-to-teardown stage.

♦  Dance - Learn & teach several period style dances.