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Warwick Living History Corporation
Civil War Division

Division Information


   The information presented on this page is subject to major changes. This is a basic idea of how we would like the Civil War Division of Warwick to be directed. Over the next several months the Civil War Division will be molded from its infancy stage of development to its more permanent stage of development. This development will be a result of the members who are dedicated to the success of the Civil War Division through the Warwick Organization and its Mission Statement.

   The Civil War Division of the Warwick Living History Organization is made up of members portraying real or created Civilians, Soldiers (both Confederate and Union), Riverboat Pirates, Native Americans, etc., during the time period of 1861-1865.

   The Mission of the Civil War Division is to teach the public about all aspects of the Civil War.  Members will research and teach about their Persona and their side of the war only.  They will not teach false facts.



   Current Warwick Members:  Membership into the Civil War Division is simple. Current Warwick members only need to complete and submit the Civil War Division Member/Persona Information Form to the Mayor or the 1st Officer of the Civil War Division.   Members will also need to make sure their Member Medical History Form is submitted to the Surgeon General.


   Non-Warwick Members:  Those wishing to join the Civil War Division that is not a Warwick member will need to complete and submit the Warwick Membership Form (including dues), Civil War Division Member/Persona Information Form, and the Member Medical History Form.


   Once the requirements are completed, your Persona will be listed in the Members section of the website, and you will then be an official member.



   Members of the Civil War Division is required to develop a Persona.  A Persona is the person you are portraying within the group.  You can portray a Civilian, Soldier, Officer, Riverboat Pirate, Native American, etc. 


            There are two different ways you can create a Persona:


1.  Real:  You can portray a person who actually lived during this time period.  (ex.: an ancestor, etc.).  If you portray a real person, you will need to make sure you research everything you can about your Persona.  If your Persona is an Officer or Soldier, you need to make sure you learn all you can about their unit and their side’s (CSA or Union) views about the war.


2.  Created:  You can create a person from this time period.  However, the facts surrounding your created Persona must be factual (ex.: Occupation, residence, etc.).  If your Persona is an Officer or Soldier, your created Persona must be attached to an actual and real Civil War unit.  You cannot create a fake unit.

   Whether your Persona is real or created, members are not allowed to portray either President (Jefferson Davis or Abraham Lincoln), or an Officer of Senior grade (Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel, or General), without first submitting a letter of request to the Mayor and the 1st Officer of the Civil War Division.  In this Letter, you must explain why you want to portray this.  Then the Mayor and the 1st Officer of the Civil War Division will determine if the request is approved or denied, and will notify the member.


   If a member is approved to portray President Davis or President Lincoln, that member must have a back-up Persona.  Some Civil War Reenactments, Living History Encampments, etc already has someone hired exclusively to portray a President.  If this happens, the member will have to portray a different Persona.

   Even though minors (under age 18), were enlisted as Soldiers during the Civil War; Members under the age of 18 will NOT be allowed to carry or use weapons of any type.  This is for safety and insurance reasons. 

   No members will be allowed to portray a persona that has already been developed by another member.  This is in reference to the same name, same unit, etc.


Rank Promotions:  Military rank promotions within this Division will not be obtained by points, commendations, etc.  This is to elevate any confusion and to make this Division a more relaxed environment.  Also, since this Division is not portraying one particular unit, rather each member is portraying being attached to several different units, this would not be practical.

   Members are allowed to “self-promote” their personas by writing a story as to what rank you are being promoted to, and the events that caused your promotion.  The actual story maybe fictional, however, the dates, battle, etc. must be factual.  The member will then present this story to the Division at a Training and Discussion meeting.  The only exception to this is if the persona is being promoted form enlisted to officer, or any promotion to a Sr. rank.  This will first require a written request to the Mayor and 1st Officer of the Civil War Division as to why you want to move to this rank.  Once this is approved, then you will need to create and write your story to be presented during a Training and Discussion meeting.        

   Once you have created your Persona, the next step is to acquire the appropriate clothing, equipment, etc.  Try to wear clothing just like your Persona did.  If, after doing research, you cannot locate any information as to what was worn, you can wear what you think your Persona might have worn.  The only exception to this is a member portraying a Cavalry Officer or Soldier.  You are not required to go out and purchase a horse and Cavalry tack.  If you want to you can, but that is not required.

  A list of Civil War suppliers, Sutlers, and Mercantiles is available upon request to the 1st Officer.


Meetings and Training:

   Any meetings or training classes will be scheduled at times, days, and dates that do not conflict with the Medieval/Renaissance Division.

   Meeting and training class schedules will be discussed and agreed upon by the members of this Division.  They will then be posted on the website and the Division’s Yahoo Groups site.  It will also be marked on Warwick’s calendar by the Officer of Schedules.

   Meetings may consist of discussing Division business, members presenting information about a period topic, discussing battles, and many more subjects.

   Training classes will include but not limited to:  Instruction in military drill (for military personas), Saber and sword training, safe firearms use, and other categories as needed.



   Events the members can participate in, will be scheduled with the Officer of Schedules, and will be posted on the website, and the Division’s Yahoo Groups site.  If a Civil War event is the same date as a Medieval/Renaissance Faire or event, the Medieval/Renaissance event will take precedence and no Civil War event will be attended.  Unless it is ok’d by the Mayor and the 1st Officer of the Civil War Division, and that will be determined by the number of members attending the Medieval/Renaissance event.  Remember, the Medieval/Renaissance Division is what started this group, and we, as the Civil War Division, will not take away from that. 

   Events that maybe scheduled include Battle Reenactments, Living History Encampments, American Western Festivals, Military Balls, and others as they come up.



   Members under the age of 18, will not be allowed to carry or use live weapons (Ex.:  Revolvers, Rifles, Sabers, etc.).

   Members over the age of 18 is allowed to carry weapons specific to their Persona (Ex.:  Revolvers, Flint Lock Pistols, Rifles, Sabers, Swords, etc.).  Any regulations, the use of weapons, etc, will be dictated by the Ordinance Officer.

   The Ordinance Officer will be required to maintain an Ordinance Manual where approved weapons, policies, procedures, safety, etc will be written, and a copy will be made available to all members who carry weapons of any type.