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Warwick Civil War Division Members






   Lord Mayor Robert Rich - Mayor of Warwick Civil War Division


   B.W. Shacklett, Major - 1st Officer of division & Surgeon General of Warwick CWD - Scotland County Mounted Troop, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Division, MO. State Guard - 1st Officer of the Civil War Division
   2nd Persona Richard David Hicks, Civilian - Outlaw

   Harriett Shacklett, Civilian - Paymaster of Warwick CWD - Harrison Township, Scotland County, Missouri


   Zouch Brookman, Captain - Ordinance Officer of Warwick CWD - Mississippi Riverboat (Pirate)


   Jennete Charbonneaux, Civilian - Inspector General of Warwick CWD -


   Wilhelm Ullrich, Sergeant Major - Quartermaster of Warwick CWD -


   Isadora Ullrich, Civilian - Historian of Warwick CWD -


   Dawn L. Righney, Civilian - Sympathizer for the Confederacy and worked as a SPY!


   James Shacklett, Master - C.S.S. Arkansas, Navy River Defense Fleet

  Ethan Brooks, Civilian -