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Officer Glossary

Mayor: The Executive Director in charge of Warwick Living History Corporation and all Divisions of Warwick.

1st Officer of the Civil War Division: The highest ranking officer, in charge of the Civil War Division.

Paymaster/Steward of Warwick: The officer responsible for the legal obligations & management of servants, collection of donations, & keeping of accounts.

Surgeon General: The Medic/Nurse - Provides all medical care - Must have current basic CPR/First Aid certification.

Hospitality Officer: The officer responsible for the generous and cordial reception of guests and new members, presenter of information regarding what Warwick is & what we do as a group.

Administrator of Schedules: The officer responsible for coordinating & recording all events on the yearly calendar in order to keep events running smoothly & without conflict of overbooking.

Inspector General: Inspects all encampments for periodness, notifies members to correct violations, ensures members' clothing, uniforms and equipment are correct (no modern items).

Historian: Documents Civil War Division's history, ensures historical information on web site is correct.

Ordinance Officer: In charge of training and safety in the use of all weapons (firearms, sabers and swords, artillery, etc.).

Quartermaster: In charge of all Civil War Division group property and disposition.