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One of the most ask about and sought after prize for members of Warwick is the pride of becoming a Knight. In Warwick it is a very simple to understand process and it is all right here for the members to read and follow. First you will need to decide what path you would like to fallow and then take that path & if you would like to become a knight of a second order or so on (must master one at a time) you may do so.

Some of the material used in the development of this system of points was researched from a couple of history groups & one of the groups is a very well organized Living History group in Florida State called Noble Order of Chivalry. Website: http://nobleorder.org/ (link/website lost?) This site also has a lot of helpful information for people who are new to this life style.

The point system used to earn Knighthood


The Knights Rank     Over time a Knight must learn

Combat:                                                               The Knights Code

Archery:                                                              Forms of Address

Arts & Science:                                                   The Rules of Chivalry