Shield by Ethan Wyllomyre (click to ENLARGE)  


  Sir Ethan Wyllomyre

Lord of the High Council  Officer of Archery  Deputy Marshal



Nationality   Welsh


Office: Officer of Archery, Deputy Marshal, & Lord of the High Council

Combat Title: Bowman of Warwick

Archery: Bowman of Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper

Arts & Sciences: Black Smith, Hatchet Throwing, Chain Mail, Leatherworking


Achievements, Awards & Certificates:

♦  Advancement to Bowman, training as a knight to Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper.

♦  3rd Place in the 5th year Anniversary (2010) A&S Contest for entry of the Forge & Stand he and Wolfgang Ullrich made together.


How to address a Knight:

In feudal times, a Knight or Dame (if female) was men-at-arms, foot soldiers, and archers. They admitted to a certain military rank with special ceremonies, including a code of chivalry, an oath to protect the distressed, maintain the right, and live a stainless life.

To be addressed as Sir; as, Sir Ethen. A female knight is to be addressed as Dame followed by first name (Dame Jennete), Dame followed by first and last name (Dame Jennete Charbonneaux), but never by just the last name (Dame Charbonneaux).