Sir Ullrich Von Liechtenstein


Ullrich Von Liechtenstein  is a medieval nobleman, knight, politician, and minnesinger of the time (1200-1278).  I was born in 1200 in Murau, Germany, now Austria.  After the usual noble training as a page and a squire to Margrave Heinrich of Istria, I was knighted by Duke Leopold VI of Austria in 1223. As leader of nobility, I had a hand in absorbing Styria into the Habsburg Empire, and I became Styria’s governor.  I own three castles, Schloss Liectenstein, Germany, Liectenstein Castle, Austria, and one in Vaduz, Germany Vaduz Schloss Liectenstein.  I was one of the nobles taken prisoner by King Otakar II of Bohemia in 1269.


I am famous for my autobiographical poetry collection  Frauendienst ( Service of the Lady).


I compete in jousts and tourneys and challenges of all knights, I have broken 307 lances and defeated all comers, all for the honor of the lady.