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If you wish to hire Warwick please contact Lord Gustav Richter Duke of Warwick. If you have a question or would like to get in contact with a particular department then you may do so by the below e-mail.

Founders of Warwick

Lord Roberte Riche (Earl & Knight of Warwick), Lady Engelise of Norham, Lady Gillian Swafford, Lord Zouch Brookman, Sir Marcn Ō Righney (Knight of Warwick), Lord Anthony Ashly Cooper, Dame Jennete Charbonneaux (Baroness & Knight of Warwick), & Lord Rodrigo De Laguez.

High Council of Warwick

Lord Gustav Richter (Duke of Warwick)
Lady Dorothea Helfenstine (Steward of Warwick)
Lord Ullrich Von Lipteensteine
Baroness Jennete Charbonneaux (Baroness & Knight of Warwick)
Lord Ethen Wyllomyer
Lord Zouch Brookman
Lord Anthony Ashly Cooper
Lord Sigurd Valldersen


Crown of Warwick

  Lord Gustav Richter Duke of Warwick (515)577-5995  Executive Director in charge of knowing everything about Warwick Living History



Officers of Warwick

If you wish to become an officer of Warwick you must first become a deputy officer or if an officer position is open then you must have some knowledge of the job and you must be voted into the position. To become a deputy officer you must first contact the officer of that position and they will decide if you will or will not become their new understudy, this does not qualify you a title of Lord or Lady.


Steward: Lady Dorothea Helfenstine   Secretary and Accounts



Officer of Schedules: Lady Dorothea Helfenstine   Keeps track of events

Deputy Officer of Schedules OPEN POSITION        Helps the Officer of Schedules


Officer of Rolls & List: Lady Isadora Von Liechtenstein Records Points

Deputy Officer of Rolls & List:  OPEN POSITION      Helps with rolls & list


Herald:  Lord Anthony Ashly Cooper Ambassador and announcer of Warwick

Deputy Herald: Sandor Lancaster  Second in charge of Heralding


Crown Marshal:  Lord Zouch Brookman In charge of Sword Fighters and Sword Events

Deputy Marshal of Choreographed: OPEN POSITION                Helps Marshal sword events
Deputy Marshal of Non-Choreographed: Lord Ullrich Von Liechtenstein Helps Marshal sword events
1st Deputy Marshal:  Lord Ethen Wyllomyre    Helps Marshal sword events
2nd Deputy Marshal: OPEN POSITION                Helps Marshal sword events


Officer of Archery:  Lord Ethen Wyllomyre    In charge of Archers and Archery Events

Deputy Officer of Archery: OPEN POSITION                2nd in charge of Archery Events


Officer of Arms: Baroness Jennete Charbonneaux   Records Coats of Arms

Deputy of Arms: Lady Dorothea Helfenstine   Second in charge of Coats of Arms


Officer of Arts and Science: Lady Alice Durbin   In charge of Arts and Sciences Events

Deputy Officer of Arts and Science:
Draco Le'Mere   Second in charge of Arts and Sciences Events


Hospitaler: Lady Elizabeth Tanner   Medic of Warwick

Deputy Hospitaler:  OPEN POSITION     Any Member of Warwick who has proper medical training recorded with Warwick


Hospitality Officer: Lord Gustav Richter  In charge of knowing how to answer questions about Warwick and Welcoming new Members

Deputy Hospitality Officer: All Members of Warwick