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Warwick Membership Dues/Renewals


            This amendment is to clarify any questions in regards to membership dues and renewals.


1.  All annual memberships expire on December 31st of each year.

2.  All members have a grace period to renew that ends on January 31st of each year.

3.  In order to keep memberships current, members MUST pay their memberships in full before January 31st of each year.

4.  Any member who has not renewed on or before January 31st, that member is no longer a current member.  In order for the member to renew, they will have to pay the new member fee.

5.  Members who are not current will be taken off the Points Roll and will not accumulate any points until they pay their membership and are current again.  They will not be able to attend any Renaissance Faires, events, etc. as part of Warwick and will not be eligible to gain admittance at no charge.  IF the member wants to attend, they will have to pay the full admission cost.

6.  If the member holds an Officer position, then that office will be forfeited, and a replacement will be immediately sought.

7.  If after six months, the member still has not renewed, they will loose all accumulated points, any level of Knighthood they have obtained, titles, awards, etc.  If the member rejoins after that time, they will start with zero points and will have to re-earn any Knighthood levels, etc.


If a member has extenuating circumstances that prevents them from being able to renew their membership before February 1, they may apply for an extension to pay.  In order to apply for an extension, the member MUST submit in writing to the Crowns the following:

1.  Membersí Mundane and Persona Name.

2.  Explanation as to why you are requesting an extension.

3.  An approximate date (within reason) when you expect you can pay for the renewal.

Once the application for extension has been submitted to Crown, it will be discussed and decided upon by the Crowns and the Steward of Warwick.  The Crowns will then contact the member with the results of the decision.  If an extension is granted, then that member will not loose any points, levels of Knighthood, titles, etc. unless the member does not pay on or before the date given in the application for extension.